The Backyard's Legacy

by New Pretoria

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released October 25, 2007



all rights reserved


New Pretoria Paris, France

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Track Name: Cruising
And you said you won’t engage right in the game.
But, for all the stupid things you said, you’re already in.
And this time won’t be the same.

It is nothing but the taste of victory.
But now that you’re in the place, you suddenly feel that this time, I won’t be the same.

Eyes in eyes and face to face, you look at me.
You are no one but the prey in this old game.
But if you think you can defeat me, you foolish bird
There is no way you could escape of my own place.
And, in the end, you’ll lie in there.
Track Name: Country Side
I am the sun who shines upon the hill where water falls.
I am the sea, at night, when the darkness comes and the moon is high.
I am the trees, who cry, in windy days, under the sun.
I am the field, in spring, rising around and beneath your feet.

But I could never live without you.
I just feel like I miss all of you.
« Love is all you need » says an old tune.
And you have torn my dreams as I can’t move.
What have you done ?

I am the rain who comes when the clouds have passed the trees around.
I am the snow who falls when the winter says my time has come.
Track Name: Town's Down
In the last days of April, I heard the fisherman go home.
And it seemed so awful that all around the town was down.
As the sun went by, the legendary man came to town.
And I prayed all night long that he’d decided to take me away.

Look at the sky, it seems to cry.
Built down your house and leave the town.
Never cry to loud, never tell your name.
Never dream of planes for another hell.

You can watch the sky, you can wait ‘till dawn.
But the road is long to the salvation.

Beyond the sky, there is a light
And I wish that I will follow the signs
Cause I’ve cried too loud, I’ve told my name
And now I take this plane for another hell.

1,2,3 The town is down
Through the grave the town is down
Even if... the town is down
Track Name: Joining Jack
Would you give me some trust
I’m wondering if the weather’s still good
How would you ever feel good
Knowing that there’s a world out of here

Are you trying now, through the rain, to sing a song ?
Honestly I don’t care.

Cause you left me in your room, sleeping
And the weather’s not good
How could you ever feel good knowing that there’s a road to the south

Would you let me out of this room
And then catch a train for somewhere else
Escape from the rain
But in the end, you’re gonna say

Would you give me some trust
I’m wondering if the weather’s still good

Cause I’m looking for travel, fast.
We’re sleeping near the road.
I wanted you to lead the final trip far from this house.
Look at you !
There’ll be somebody else waiting in the south.
Don’t you know the bus is leaving now.
How could you survive to this old town I wanted you to leave ?

You know I know there’s a road to out of here.
Track Name: All In
The light turns on as the day fades out.
The boy looking by the window feels the landscape fading as a blur motion picture.
The gun, hidden in a box, on the passenger seat, makes you feel sure.

As you said : « I’m all in ».
The scary man rushes in front of the car and you perfectly know this face.
The light suddenly reveals the shine of a metal stick in his hand.
Track Name: New City Boy
Looking in the mirror, tell me what do you see ?
Is it an old man in trouble or a young guy on his feet ?

There are things that can’t be told and the truth is hard to stand.
You wanted to fight the world but no one holds your hand.

And you’re living for nothing.
And you really can’f find the time.
Your dreams lay in the shadow of you mind.
As you left so much behind.

You left the country side for a city of steel.
You were dreaming of a new world but you left more than foreseen.

Ambition leads to strange ways.
Maybe you didn’t have enough.
You miss the days spent with us as yours are lonely ones.

Had you expected to see your life in such a mess.
Track Name: Silly Place
One day I’ll be the same.
I’m under age for this way
Cause it’s a silly aim
Waiting for you to change my days

But it’s a silly place
And it goes quite well
I’m gonna watch it
But it’s a silly place
I’m gonna watch it

If only we get in
Right ahead

But it’s a silly place
And I ride away
I’ve got to leave here

But it’s a silly place
And I walk away
Please follow me
Track Name: The Sun
For the things unspoken
As the sun has fallen
And the river has spent so many days
Without crossing any bridge
May those things remain unseen

For the days that I spent
In a world that I meant to be
More shiny that it is
I must confess that I failed
By so many ways

For the doors that remain
Closed to unexpected men
Searching by so many ways
To sell us many things
That we’ll never need

For the things that remain free
And should never be
Sold in any way
I’m just trying to sing a song
I wish that I won’t be the only one

There’s a bad guy
And he aways try to sell us everything
But I know that never the sun will be in a pack.
Track Name: The Sound and the Fury
He was walking on the road that day
Day of pain, day of nothing
If he knew somebody in the west he would leave this town
Cause nothing binds him here

Only a child, a boy, a girl is a reason to stay
Somebody once told him to listen to his heart
But he never did
And today, he’s dying

The lights from the street prevent him from sleeping
So he dreams eyes open
And he sees a beautiful woman
Smiling in the sun

Dreams are cruel cause soon she will disappear
But for the moment he’s happy, he’s sure
That nothing can touch him

« And I wonder if I had left here
Would I be rich, would I be clever
The sun is not shining in her
Would it be different somewhere else

And I wonder why I had to listen to the radio station
As I could be on the other side
In that city of angels. »

There’s an idea still in motion
And the final step is now
They’d be hidden in the garden
And they would guide me through the walls
See, my fellows are not frightened
They’re waiting for the storm
Track Name: Bonnie
There are curse and pain
In the word that I once said
For you weak speeding heart
The colour still remains for away

There’s a light in your eyes
At the dark end of the street
And I won’t be surprised
When you’ll decide to leave far away

No more speeding races
To the dark end of the streets
Of the streets I’ve never came in
I’ll find a way

Won’t you take me away ?
Cause everyone here says :
« Won’t you take me away ? »
I just can’t bear this place anyway